Optometrists and Contact Lens Practitioners

Eye Disorders

As the ageing population increases, it is predicted that the number of people with age-related eye problems will rise dramatically. You can’t prevent all age-related changes to your eyes, but you can take steps to protect your vision and reduce the risk of serious eye disease in the future.


Regular eye examinations are advised so any problems can be detected early and it is normally recommended to have an eye examination every 2 years (unless advised otherwise) up to the age of 70, and annually thereafter. Effective treatments are now available for many age-related eye disorders including glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration.


Retinal Photography

Watson & Smith have routinely used a digital retinal camera as part of our eye examination for many years. Our Topcon cameras enable us to take an enhanced & magnified photograph of the back of the eye which is then stored, enabling us to make an earlier and more accurate diagnosis of many eye diseases and allowing us to monitor any changes that may occur over time.


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